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My Ultimate Derma Trio: For Healing Open Wounds Over Night

Alright, so I’m sure that you skin-pickers out there know how difficult it can be to heal your open wounds. Sometimes it can even take weeks just to get one really deep wound to heal. Well I have a solution for you! (I think I might be sounding a little too infomercial-y…) After I had a particularly bad infection, I started searching for a way to heal my wounds more quickly and I’ve found an almost perfect way of doing it. So without further ado, here is my nightly derma routine. 

  1. Start by cleansing your face. If you have difficultly with acne I recommend using an acne cleanser. (I use the Yes to Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser and The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Wash.) If you only have difficulty with derma, I recommend going for something a littler gentler, like a cleanser for sensitive skin. (I like the Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser.) 
  2. Exfoliate! If you just have derma this will help get rid of the flaky skin that falls off of your scabs, but if you also have acne this will help clean out your pores. (Personally, I use St. Ives Apricot Exfoliating Scrub.)
  3. Tone your face. This step is optional, but if you wear makeup or have oily skin, I definitely recommend it. This will remove leftover makeup and excess oil from your face. If you pick your skin with makeup or oils still on your face, this can push them into your skin and cause acne or infections. (I use The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner.)
  4. Try REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hard not to pick your face, but if you have to, this would be the opportune time. Your hands and face will be clear of any oils, and it will be less likely that you will cause infection. But again, I stress that you should try really hard not to pick. If you’re looking for an alternative, trying lovingly rubbing your hands across your face. Maybe even close your eyes. Just feel the way your skin feels and tell it that you love it and want to be gentle with it. (I know, it’s cheesy, but it works.) 
  5. If you want to, you can also apply any acne treatment that you like at this point. (Personally I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the Yes to Tomatoes Roller Ball Spot Stick. It gets rid of pimples like nobody’s business.)
  6. NOW TO COLLECT THE INGREDIENTS FOR THE HEALING MASK. All of the other products I have mentioned thus far are totally optional. If you don’t like the ones I suggested or you already have a favourite, feel free to use that. However, this healing mask requires that you use the products that I’m about to mention. a) The Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment if you have acne, or the Clean & Clear Advantage Mark Treatment if you do not have acne. b) The Polysporin Fast-Heal Formula with 3 Antibiotic and Pain Relief c) Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer (you can use a different lotion, but I found this one worked best). 
  7. Now you’re going to want to mix those three products that you have together. I usually put together about 2/5 acne gel, 2/5 polysporin, and 1/5 lotion. You should have about two fingertips worth of product. You’ll want to slowly massage that into your face. When you’re done, your face is going to feel super greasy and gross, but I promise it’s worth it. 
  8. Go to bed! Sleeping actually helps a lot with the healing process. (Although if you’re like me and you have insomnia, I’m really sorry and I feel you.) 
  9. Wake that beautiful face up! You should notice that your wounds (depending on how deep they are) are considerably less bad then when you went to bed! Keep applying this mask every night, or just when your wounds are bad. You should notice that they are healing more quickly, that you have less scarring, and that you are getting infections less often. 

I hope this helped, and I hope that your woulds heal soon! 

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